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Box Studies

This body of work is based off extensive reading of Jungian psychology inspired by a trauma in my early 20’s that commenced 16 years of debilitating insomnia. After a decade of unsuccessful work with psychologists, I finally gave up on modern psychology and began a personal journey. I researched Jungian Depth Psychology which explores the relationship between the conscious and unconscious and how that manifests in the personality. We are all limited and cut short by injury, fear, neglect and pulled in different directions by group thought, cultural norms and familial expectations, yet most people manage to tailor a vibrant personality around those internal conflicts. I have attempted to fit into a box those personality solutions in an allusion to how we box off parts of ourselves in an effort to cope with life. In doing so I hope to show that beauty does not come from a perfect life but from the myriad ways the human soul adapts to pain and suffering; the crucible of life. This work is a celebration of the resilience of the human spirit—to persevere in adversity and to even prosper. 

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